Winter slipping away?

The writing assignment at A thousand words...and then some is:

What does Fall hold for you? Or is it called Autumn in your part of the world?
Are you sorry to see summer go, or are you, like me, excited to welcome Fall?

Winter doesn't slip away like summer, I wonder what word you would use instead? Fall is called autumn in Australia, but that is not until March. We are 26 days into spring and winter has a firm grip even though we are into bluebell season. All the trees have leaves, but they are very small at this stage.

Our spring flowers include these wattles, which are very nice at the moment. Because I live in the bush, we have eucalypts and these wattles and a purple ground cover. In autumn nothing really changes in the bush as you can imagine.

The temperatures are still on the verge of freezing point at night.

We had our little American styled fall in the form of a thing my daughter did a couple of weeks ago during her gymnastics concert. She was dressed with yucky teeth, and a brown black costume with bat wings I suppose they were. Another girl was dressed as a pumpkin to go with the theme. I adore the look of the American pumpkin candy, but I don't care for the taste so much. That is a shame as the bags of Halloween candy my husband brought back from the States and Canada? years ago was lovely.

Am I sorry to see winter go? And what does spring hold for me.

All the plum blossoms are gone, those white trees by the roadside where I live. I have been looking at the thickets of them, actually proper plums gone wild, and think of the now leaved trees and the plums that will be there by the roadside to harvest next summer. I have a particular tree in mind.

We have October and November to go. In October my daughter is going to Malaysia where there are no seasons, she hopes to share pictures of our snow covered mountains with them. It will be her birthday the day before she leaves. November is when our son finishes his exams. He then hopes to go and live in the city with his brother. So this is a big event for my spring, and the exam period as well.

We hope to go to the zoo when we pick our daughter up from the airport. So as far as spring goes, I don't feel like it is coming. We have let the wood heater go out twice, but lit it again. When the air inside does warm up we are going to continue painting the ceiling of our bedroom at our new house.

We are taking advantage of the lingering cool to shift some plants that need shifting. I think the answer to my spring is that we hope to paint and spring clean. I don't mind that it isn't going faster towards the warmer weather because of the memory of the horrible bushfires in Kinglake and Flowerdale last year. I hope to see the area when I visit the zoo. It is very cold there in winter, and I'm sure those people will be glad for the warmer weather, yet not so glad as well.

The girls have started talking about togs and swimmers. At the moment we have no water restrictions as the dam here is full. Maybe they will get a go in a pool in the backyard before the water restrictions come back again.

Excited to welcome spring? No too much happening, but in some ways it will be good to finally do the things we plan for and start getting used to the changes. I need the time to prepare as well.


Amy said…
Now you have given me something to think about. What would I call what winter does? Hmmm... retreats? melts? Then again, you don't have snow. I'll have to think more on that one.
Linda said…
Our view of snow would go, and the melt in the rivers would go down. This weekend it snowed again, so when the sun comes out our view of the snow will be brilliant.
Ganeida said…
Thank you for visiting. It's always so nice to meet new people. ☺
Bonnie Bonsai said…
I must apologize but I have been thinking of you. Been slack with commenting so I could attend to my other blogs in between preparations and playing jigsaw puzzle online as my pasttime.

So now that spring is finally here, I am sure there are far more exciting things to cope up with. We have a mixture of season in one day down here. It depends of every area where one lives though.

Then last week, Sydney was into a dramatic twist when the red dust storm spared it never like the Biblical Angel of Death, it did not passed over but hit the panicking doomsdayers.

I wonder if after all these beautiful thoughts you wrote here, did you feel the tremor over there?

I enjoy this read Linda. Will see you when I come back from NZ.
Linda said…
No earthquakes. We got the same kind of dust storm that came in the rain during September last year, which is amazing.

Have a lovely time in NZ. Thank you so much for thinking of me.

I saw how much snow is around, heaps!

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