Do you think this is it for the year?

You can see what my husband and son were busy doing last weekend. Hopefully it will be enough, it is still very much like winter here, except it is not very cold like it was. It is still like the weather conditions of our hometown which is still in North East Victoria. I am still wearing the same clothes, but maybe less of my jacket.

Our heater fan broke while my husband was away last week. He was away on Monday and Tuesday and also the previous Friday night to Sunday night. He struggled with the hot heater and got the fan fixed. It was a little chilly while it was switched off, but not overly so, just cold as usual.

As you can see, he also cleaned up the drive, a pile of woodchips there that was annoying.

The stack is bigger than we usually have. It was his first try of his new chainsaw. The old one that we bought from a family member who were selling their hobby farm was stolen. Prior to this my husband used his antique chainsaw. He originally bought that at a clearing sale many years ago, I think in pieces, I think he got another in pieces as well which is probably still like that or maybe he finally got rid of them, not sure.

When we first moved to a rented farmhouse in 2003, he got his antique chainsaw out of the shed and started using it. The first year here in 2004 we bought wood, then have been cutting it every winter since. When the chainsaw went missing, I think we brought back the wood we had cut ready for us at our new house. We were to move in at Easter. We brought it back in the back of the 4x4 each week. When that ran out, he went back to the antique chainsaw and found it hurt his back. It wasn't maintained before he put it in the shed, so he came back with only small pieces of wood. He got it fixed, borrowed a trailer I think after a bit of running around. Ours needs new tyres, $300 worth. We have done our tax, so maybe that will be rectified soon. We are expecting money back from an education thingo that repays half of your internet costs.

So this weekend he borrowed a workmates private trailer which was very generous of him, took the new chainsaw (he was so shocked to get a cheque all except $100 in the mail) and he said he kept cutting, not knowing he had cut too much. Still the trailer was a large one. Even so it requires towing it up a very steep hill. Very steep.

There you go, we are thankful we are still able to keep ourselves in wood. The time freed up when spring comes will be greatly appreciated as well.


scrappy quilter said…
Great job!! If it was here in our province, it for sure wouldn't be enough.

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