Weisswurst Adventures

I think I have cooked my goose this time. I have bought two packets of Weisswurst, that confirms I am definitely living in a German area, and have found no recipes to make them into something. I know you are not supposed to do that, but that is what I want to do. I went to the shop for milk and bread. Our freezer is still at the new house, so we don't have bread stocked up as usual. Saw the Weisswurst and bought it. Always on the lookout for meat.

Main Dish:
How To Cook And Eat Bavarian White Sausages

I feel like I shouldn't ruin a good weisswurst and perhaps should make these pretzels, or ask the family to take it on. Maybe even buy the mustard.


joolzmac said…
Not too sure about these. My dad used to eat white sausage or white pudding as it was called. Blegh!

What are they made of?

Linda said…
They are made with veal. When I found that out I wasn't as keen lol.

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