Stinging Nettles

I was driving around a large sheep farming area on Thursday, and I'm sure I had my chance to pick some stinging nettles. Usually they are under a tree as they are on sheep farms. I should know I grew up one one. But these were on the roadside, maybe the soil washes there. It is a time of year where they are lush. I also remember what stinging nettles look like. I probably had gloves in the car and a bag, but as always, having another 2 hours or less to drive dampened my enthusiasm. I wonder if I will be going by next year?

My Mum had some sheep a few years ago before she moved into town again. We had some soil from there in pots and some plants came up, but we weeded them then thought better of it. The last little plant we didn't look after.

I couldn't choose which photo to publish with it. Not sure if they are the same the world over. Have a look at these fantastic photos.


Anonymous said…
Well...I'm still not sure if I know what a stinging Nettle is after viewing!
Linda said…
Ignoring the sea creatures it is a plant that is cooked. That is what I wanted to do. You can use it like spinach in gnocchi and things like that. I was inspired by Hugh from River Cottage.
Linda said…
I had my opportunity to pick some on the weekend, but not the time, again. They were on the way to a lookout, the road goes through a farmer's paddock.

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