The plastic bag issue

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Living where we are, there are no plastic bags in our supermarket. There is another supermarket down the road, but I think most use the supermarket in town. The next town to buy food in is 50 minutes away, and another in the other direction 60 minutes away.

I was interested the other day in my shopping trip to Target at the regional centre 1 1/2 hours away. I am not sure how long it has been since I went there. I was asked if I wanted to pay an extra 10c for a compostable bag. When that was full the check out lady had to ask me again if I wanted to buy another one. I like them, they have a nice feel to them.

I knew there was such a bag developed in Australia. I found it on a forum awhile back where they tried to introduce them to Coles. With Coles/Myer and all the takeovers or whatever happened to their finances, perhaps any new management decided to take on the bags (if they are the same ones) for Target. Apparently it is not food that is the largest section of plastic bag use, so putting them in Target is a great idea. They are a nice neat fit for the clothes, they don't flop around in them. The old address for this topics was:" target="_blank">

So I guess you can tell I don't watch normal TV? Here is the ad for it. I am pleased, and here is a news release for it. I can understand the feeling of the other people who were upset. However, corn starch bags sound good, and it would great too if the take aways had them, as I think they must be a high user of them.

Myself personally the no bags policy in our town has had a big impact on my life as I drive 50 minutes to shop to avoid this. Our town doesn't take boxes for free at the tip, which could be a reason the shop has no bags in the first place.

Having said that, our fruit comes in a rather large box, and we find we love them and use them for all sorts of things.

Plastic Bag Woes with all the links to my struggle with the loss of plastic bags. Our old hometown didn't keep up with this pan to get rid of bags in the supermarket, and they don't have a Target.


scrappy quilter said…
Most of the stores in our province now supply cloth bags of some sort. You purchase them for 99 cents and they are yours. The problem is many people don't use them or they forget to bring them. I for one often forget. I'm getting much better than I use to be. I also see that many people still cling to plastic bags.

Our local Farmer's Market now has a policy that you need to bring your own bag. I love that policy and yet I see even there people bring plastic bags.

Hopefully someday all plastic bags will be gone!! Not sure if it will happen in our lifetime though.
Seeing that hat is funny.
As my Son had a 86 year old visit School who crochets bread bags into Shopping bags.
She was saying she cannot keep up with the demands people have for her to make them one!
Anonymous said…
They found a huge plastic floating island in the Pacific. People discard the stuff and it never dies.

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