Coles Fare

Thai Curry In Clay Pot, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


This menu is really taking it's time taking shape. I have the main ingredients worked out. I got my groceries from Coles as I had to go into the regional centre. The weisswurst and dim sim wrappers I had collected beforehand locally, and the cooked chicken.

Tuesday from last post: Tuna & Mushroom Spaghetti
Wednesday from last post: something with cooked chicken, changed it to Lemon Paella

Thursday ~ Spicy Kumara & Beans
Friday ~ Chicken wraps for two, spur of the moment, though I did think about it as I knew there were be only two of us
Saturday ~ Pies, Chips & Peas
Sunday ~ Weisswurst
Monday ~ Spaghetti Bolognaise
Tuesday ~ Curried Mince & Vegies
Wednesday ~ Sausage Casserole
Thursday ~ Pork & Ginger Dumplings
Friday ~ Pork Mince & Brussels Sprouts
Saturday ~ Italian Sausage Fettucine
Sunday ~ Lamb Sausage Pilaf
Monday ~ Lamb Chops & Greek Salad
Tuesday ~ Turkey Mince as Turkey & Cranberry Burger
Wednesday ~ Beef Sausages as Mediterranean Hot Dogs

Baking: Jam Doughnut Muffins


Kadeeae said…
Ahhh...pie, chips and peas! I'm a simple girl, easily pleased, me. LOL

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