My favourite red grass

I have talked about it on the internet before. It brings me lots of joy.

I came across some while I was photographing a church. It grows in our street, I haven't seen any in other parts of Victoria.

For ages now, well a month or two, I have been looking at a red native grass, that grows at least in a 50 mile radius of here. There is one piece in our nature strip. It grows by the roadside, and during the drought made a stunning display.

Yesterday (May 24, 2007) I drove through bush areas and saw Crimson Rosellas I think, feeding on it by the side of the road. It was a sight I haven't seen before, and special I think. Not only do I love the grass, now in autumn you can see birds on it feeding.


scrappy quilter said…
I love grasses too. I'd like to get some different types and plant them in one of the garden beds. Any suggestions?
Linda said…
I haven't ever learnt the names of the grasses for planting in beds. My MIL gave me a grass during Easter that we planted, it will be interesting to see how that turns out.

The red grass grows by the side of the road, probably because the paddocks/fields have cultivated grasses that the farmers prefer for the cows.
Linda said…
I heard her mention a nursery, and they have lots of grasses.

May make interesting reading.
I love seeing the wild birds feasting,On whatever they so choose.
It is a real simple pleasure:)

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