I just love medlars, and I hope to buy a tree, though $100 is probably why I haven't bought one yet. I can buy one from a tree farm in Holbrook NSW called The Vintage Tree Nursery.

I had a tree before in our rental property that we lived in in 2003. Bletting the fruit still remains a mystery to me, though I think I did lots of research. I suppose if you are not using the information, you basically have to start again.

I bought some ready made jelly, though I can't say I have done a lot with it. I was thrilled though to see medlars on River Cottage Autumn a couple of days ago. They made medlar and apple chutney.

The girls picked medlars at the time when we had the tree, my husband even collected some sawdust, though it smelled to much like petrol from memory, but the fruit went rotten. Maybe that was a good thing, maybe I actually just bletted them? It would be hard to say since they were thickly together in a bowl.

My joy of medlars comes from my uncle's love of fruit trees, and I remember him visiting a tree in an older lady's garden.

Photo: Flickr Non-commercial Creative Commons: mgjefferies photostream here.


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