Roadside Bounty

You may like all of these pictures, the wildlife have been at the tree. But really we got some good apples. The one that was damaged by the cockatoos, was a huge apple, and it is possible a gravenstein cross? Crossed with something larger perhaps. It is a beautiful apple to eat.

We also came across a beautiful plum, and some rosehips.

What is that awful stuff at the base of the tree, evidence perhaps of a roo who came recently to eat from the lower branches.

Read more about it here, down a bit.


I am so jealous. Are Spring weather got up and left. We have been freezing again in little Missouri, USA. Enjoy those apples for me! I so enjoy your blog. YOu have a blessed day!
scrappy quilter said…
We won't see apples on our trees for a good number of months. It's always a fight between me and the birds who is going to get the most apples or cherries.

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