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The Pantry by Consuelo Gamboa

Today (the other day now) I have been emptying out the canned food section of my pantry into a box to get a good look in there. I found I have lots of food really, perhaps not many vegetables. I had to start the pickled pork off earlier than the time we usually start tea/dinner. I bought it because there were wonderful specials on at IGA, on the meat and other things, and especially extra strength Dilmah tea which was nice. The pickled pork has been lovely on sandwiches.

Thursday ~ Chow Mein & Rice
Friday ~ Picked pork with stewed apple
Saturday ~ Curried Sausages with Pumpkin
Sunday ~ Moroccan Sweet Potato, Carrot and Chickpea Soup with Turkish bread
Monday ~ sausage casserole
Tuesday ~ Lamb Chops with White Bean Puree & Chips
Wednesday ~ Meatball, Vegetable & Barley Soup with Rosemary Croutons
Thursday ~ Sausages & Potatoes
Friday ~ Oven-baked Sausage and Tomato Risotto
Saturday ~ Family Mince Pie
Sunday ~ Cabbage with Split Peas
Monday ~ Five spice meatballs with plum sauce

We get a small amount of money then and will make up the two day shortfall.

I'm excited for those who haven't experienced the Taste website's budget recipes. They are printing some each month free with the major newspapers. Check it out.

I found an Australian video on how to have cooked sauerkraut. I think it has Maeve O'Meara in it. Yes, I have a large can of sauerkraut in the pantry. I am not German, but cook it sometimes. I am a learner. It is particularly nice on a cold day for a cooked lunch. My Grandparents seemed to have cabbage based recipes on cold days too, I'm sure. I suppose it is much better than drawing blow flies!


JGH said…
Hi Linda - glad to have found your new blog. Looks like lots of great recipes and info. I'm also trying to economize and use up what I have in the pantry and freezer before buying more... I also appreciate the eggless recipe since I do have that crisis from time to time!

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