Ezy-Sauce Tomato Sauce

Ezy-Sauce Tomato Sauce

9kg sliced ripe tomatoes
1.5kg onions, chopped fine
115g garlic, chopped
1 tablespoon ground ginger (mix into thin paste)
1.5kg sugar
140g salt
1 bottle Ezy Sauce

Boil together for 3 1/2 hours tomatoes, onions, garlic and ground ginger. Then strain and add about 1.5kg sugar, salt and Ezy Sauce. Simmer until thick enough (1 hour or more) and bottle. For a thicker sauce add 1.5 or 2kg of apples.

My husband has a note that it makes 8.81 litres. (OK the picture is not homemade tomato sauce but you get the idea.)


This is the coolest thing - not the sauce, well that too, but the time warp! You must be 14 hours ahead of us. Have a nice day - off to bed for me. :)
Linda said…
I am at plus 11 at the moment. When business men come home to Australia they usually arrive on Tuesday!
Jelly Wares said…
Yummo.... I love homemade tommy sauce... My mum always makes it and it beats the store bought variety hands down...

Take Csre
Jodie :)
Kim said…
Hi Linda! Thanks for stopping by yesterday. It's nice to connect. :)

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