Show Day

My husband and our three daughters spent the day at the show today, they are nearly finished there. I suppose the Show is like a County Fair. We also have Field Days, like Henty Field Days in Australia.

We didn't do a lot, as mentioned in my previous post. But we did get two second prizes. One for my husband's jam, and one for our puppy. He was well behaved apparently which was good, he is a fairly large dog.

Our daughter helped man a church stall which was nice I thought. They were doing games, I think to encourage others to come to Youth Group.

Apparently our dog will be eligible for the working dog events next year as he is a gun dog.

My little girl got what we call here "fairy floss". My older girl got some jewelery.

I am going to post a picture of some canning or preserving on my other blog. It was quite hot today, and windy. Good for the dunking or rather hit in the face with a wet sponge stall.


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