Scones Vs Biscuits

Scone with Cream and Small Milk Jug by Alexander Van Berge

For all those outside the States who have read Little House on the Prairie and wondered what biscuits were, I'll let you know what I have learnt on my time on the net. Since blogging, the exchange of information seems to be speeding up. Still I have come across some interesting things in my love of biscuit research lol. I even tried with my limited knowledge at the time to make biscuits and gravy. To an Australian, putting white sauce on scones is... well I won't say. Thankfully these days, the Pioneer Woman has a picture with sausage. I am not sure if we can buy an equivalent in meat here. I used sausage mince, which we use to make sausage rolls. My understanding is now, perhaps sausage is just a flavoured mince? Who knows. Maybe someone who has been to the two countries can shed some light on it.

Pioneer Woman's Biscuits and Gravy

I used the biscuit recipe from Hillybilly Housewife. A very popular site for those trying to save money. I have the gravy recipe I used in a marbig folder (I think that link is the one I used), but with Pioneer Woman it is more a complete unit to use.

What I have noticed for those who say why don't I just use a scone recipe. If you compare them, biscuits has lots more butter in them. For Aussie scones, there is usually only one ounce or 30g of butter from memory.

Therefore in our country we don't have Bisquik in the stores, but we do have a scone mix. I used it to make this great recipe for a pork dinner from Betty Crocker. A great site.

Here is a great post about apple biscuits.

A great biscuit recipe here from an Mennonite cookbook.

My favourite savoury scone, is the ham ones, with very finely chopped ham that I learnt in High School (I actually went to a Tech School). There were herb ones and cheese. Will have to check that out and perhaps post the recipe. I still have my text book.

Scones are a delight to me, same with biscuits (US). Please add your comments or memories.


sister AE said…
I stumbled across your blog today when I was looking for a definition of the difference between scones and biscuits. I have an idea in my head, but had been wondering if there was a good definition.

Anyway, I grew up in the American mid-west and grew up with biscuits and one of my favorite evening meals with my grandparents was country sausage with biscuits and cream (white) gravy.

Country sausage is ground pork with a fair amount of fat in it. It is usually well seasoned with salt, pepper, and rubbed sage. It sometimes has other flavorings, but those are the main ones. This is usually formed into small patties and fried in a skillet. Some of the drippings are then used to make the gravy by adding in flour (to make a roux, though we didn't call it that then) and then adding in milk and stirring to thicken.

Hope this helps with the sausage question.

I'll have to drop by again sometime when I'm not on a mission.
Linda said…
Thank you so much sister AE for your comments.

I have no idea what our sausage is that we make sausage rolls with as it is very pasty. We seem to have more ground pork or pork mince these days to buy in the shops which is good, I like to buy it.

We call the roux sauce white sauce. My grandparents usually put it on silverbeet which is a kind of chard. Maybe the same chard I am not sure.

I got the biscuits and gravy right when I tried, but not the sausage.

Skillet is a confusing word to me, not sure why as it is a frypan, I think lol.

Thank you again.
Linda said…
Here is a post about unsweetened drop biscuits. A google search is interesting too.

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