Pantry Restocked, Meals Planned

Well I definitely didn't need airconditioning on my day out to get the food. I came across a sheep or two near the road, two dairy cows with collars one each side of the road, it took awhile to slow down for them. They weren't impressed either and decided to head for home. I saw two kangaroos eating in an elevated paddock, with very native looking grass not far from the tree line.

It was cold when I stepped out of the car when I got there, then it started raining, raining lightly on the way home.

My husband buys the washing powder, cheese and milk and will do that, and then the fruit order will come on Tuesday with the bread.

Thursday ~ beef & red lentil curry
Friday ~ stir fry sausages
Saturday ~ bean and pumpkin stew
Sunday ~ Spaghettini with tuna, capers & chilli
Monday ~ warm pasta & tuna salad
Tuesday ~ veal campagnola
Wednesday ~ chops, chips & Greek salad
Thursday ~ chicken snitzel burgers with radish and cucumber salsa
Friday ~ pasta with sausage, rosemary and tomato sauce
Saturday ~ pork chow mein
Sunday ~ mince stroganoff
Monday ~ sausage casserole
Tuesday ~ spaghetti bolognaise
Wednesday ~ chow mein

Green Metal Table & Chairs Beneath Arbour by Mark Bolton


Caroline said…
What a gorgeous little place you have to sit in your garden. I'm very envious.
Linda said…
It reminds me a bit of a garden my MIL used to have, but no it is not ours. I wish.
LizBeth said…
Well, I'll just enjoy the little mystery garden on my desktop today and think to myself, "I got that from someone who has seen kangaroos today!" Glad for the rain. Have a good day!
Anonymous said…
Glad to hear it has cooled down. We finally have some rain too, although I heard today that this will be SO. Cal's driest year for a third in a row...
hopefull the rain keeps a comin' here!
Yummy meals too. I like your new did you do that?
Linda said…
I used photobucket for the writing, and used this link to make the mosaic.
Mmmmm Meals you planned sound delicous.
Your day and what you have seen sounds very like a Drive I can regularly have!...Lol! Country life!

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