Musings of a hot day

It is still hot by the computer, so hard to write, but there is nice air coming in slowly through the open door and windows. I can't feel it exactly and the fan has been taken away to my daughter's room so she can sleep.

I have a iced water Ribena with me. My husband thinks that if I don't drink enough I won't feel cooler even with a fan.

Today apparently was "only" 41oC. On the other days when they said it was that temperature here, it showed hotter on our thermometer, but maybe it was the way we were measuring it. Today I didn't bother checking and the temperature outside after 8.30pm seemed to drop quickly outside.

I was out there with the kids for awhile with an old-fashioned brass nozzle on my hose "watering my feet". It was nice, and the kids liked that. One daughter demonstrated her new moves that she did in her first neo-classical ballet class, and also the moves of her other class members. Two are boys so she really enjoyed watching them and having their company.

I had to walk around in the heat today for a little while. My son who had frees at school, and who also had to do some banking sat with me at school under a tree. When I say "tree", there is about 3-4 weeks until autumn. Usually some leaves come down on the water starved trees a little before autumn. This particular tree was very thin in the leaf department. Unlike some other parts of the country we haven't had rain, in the past month or so.

The other day it did spot rain and the drops were big and felt cold. I do remember rescuing washing about three times, in past weeks, not sure how much we got out of those showers.

I took my daughter to ballet, but it was cancelled. I was glad. I was very aware of which side of the street had shade in it. I unfortunately realised this after I chose which side to walk down. It saved me walking back to pick her up. Both our cars were unavailable, in the workshop. One actually was there so they could get my car to run. Apparently the workshop manual is wrong. The car was outside and I could have used it to drive home but I left it for my husband to use.

Today I saw a lady walking down the street with her umbrella. There was a public meeting at the hall about a bush fire. Everyone parked in the street under trees, or rather under some gums at the back of the shops and under elms at the back of the pub. The fire was in a place which by name is 30 miles from here.

When I was little there were communities 30 miles from the shopping town and we would have our public meeting there. We found 30 miles a trek. But there you are.

Anyway, this is the first of apparently four 41oC days I have to endure until Monday. The kids have been very excited and won't go to sleep at bed time. It is 9.36 now, and so far so good. Then I can cool off in earnest.

Today the dog, a large puppy, was obviously trying to be patient in the heat too. We gave him a large cardboard box. It was fun watching him cart it around. Then he took one side of the box and was carrying it around like a sign in a rally. I wonder if he could what he would have written on it?

Sea of Shade by Michael Longo
Sea of Shade


Caroline said…
I think your dog would have written on the box.
Anonymous said…
That's 105.8F !!
I think we only had three days of it that hot this past summer. We use to have some real got 115F here a few years back...on the day the power grid failed and we like to have died from the heat!
Today we are havinga littl ebit of rain...maybe we'll get a half inch by tonight.
I do the brass nozzle "dance" in the summers too!
Linda said…
I like that Caroline.

The power grid in the city has been failing apparently. They have hot days but not as many.

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