Menu & Supermarket Adventures

It is that time of the fortnight again. Above is a photo from Flickr Creative Commons (click for all of photostream) of a typical Australian supermarket. My favourite actually, but one very far away from here.

Here are some interesting recipes I came across recently:

Ranch Style Ham & Beans
Sausages with lentils & polenta
sweet plum pork skewers
carrot fritters

I didn't make up a 14 day menu last week, so I have added in the first day.

Wednesday ~ Low fat korma curry
Thursday ~ Spaghetti Bolognaise
Friday ~ salmon zucchini and corn
Saturday ~Mushroom & Pancetta Spaghetti
Sunday ~ Lentil & Chickpea Soup with Chorizo
Monday ~ Singapore-styled Sausage Fried Rice
Tuesday ~ Polish Sausage Bigos
Wednesday ~Pork Schnitzel with Sweet Potato Chips
Thursday ~ tuna and mushroom spaghetti
Friday ~ Red Curry Beef & Bok Choy
Saturday ~ Toad in the Hole
Sunday ~ Spicy Sausage & Bean Hotpot or Sausage Casserole
Monday ~ wombuk salad & BBQ chicken
Tuesday ~ Sausage Rolls & Mashed Potatoes
Wednesday ~ Cauliflower & Bacon Macaroni Cheese

Today I found the ingredients for Mandy's Wombuk Salad. I even bought a carvolo nero plant, sound at least be able to taste it for one meal. I stocked up on kaffir lime leaves and lemon grass in a jar. It is not something you have to buy often. Amazingly, after my pantry challenge last fortnight I spent under what I usually do for food. However, I have a small list for my husband to get at the local shop to make up this menu.

BBQ chicken
sandwich meat cheap
stout or guiness 400-600ml
curly pasta
vintage cheddar 250g
2 cans lentils
2 leeks
2 zucchinis


scrappy quilter said…
AWESOME store. The store I shop at....
-the isles aren't near as wide
-the shelves aren't as high
-this store is really clean
-they have such wide carts it's hard to get 2 down the isle at once

Great menu planning.
Oh wow you eat so well ,such yummy dishes...
Linda said…
We don't have any Coles here, and it is a much different experience with wide aisles.

Thanks CC.
Vintage Girl said…
Love your menu plans. I'm am definitely trying the cauliflower and bacon mac and cheese. Yum! Blessings, Heather
Please post some our your menus~so different from here! Sounds yummy!
Fnarf said…
I'm flattered that you like my photo, and you're more than welcome to use it -- but it's not Creative Commons just because it's on Flickr. Just FYI.
Linda said…
I will have to make sure the search box I use is on the creative commons page. I used to be able to go straight to it, it is a bit misleading. Thanks for allowing use of the photo this time.

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