Making Plum Jam

We had a knock on the door midweek, the person bearing nashis and over 15lb of small blood plums.

On a very hot Saturday I weighed the plums and hubby bought the last of the sugar at a small supermarket near our new house. I had checked an old Department of Agriculture Victoria book and called him with how much sugar I thought we would need. I checked on ebay, bad move and found another interesting cookbook to buy. We have had so much value with preserves and things with out old books that we have had over 20 years. They were my husband's mostly.

I found a recipe in my new school fundraiser book.

Blood Plum Jam

1lb plums, piped
3/4lb sugar
for every pound of fruit add 2 tablespoons of water

Boil plums and water together until soft then add sugar slowly and simmer (not boil) till a skin forms on top of jam. Do not stir. Bottle in warm sterilised jars.

We did a pectin test and did 1lb for 1lb. I must say it set very hard.

This morning, Sunday, another hot day after a hot night. Both days were over 40oC. My husband started the jam. We have two pots of jam going. Some is bottled as you can see.

Cost of sugar $11. Twenty jars of jam.

My son liked the taste, and he wants scones to go with it. I don't think, since scones are cooked in a hotter than normal oven, that will be happening today.


Looks like it was well worth the effort, despite it being so hot. Hope you are having some cooler weather this week and maybe can make some scones.
Jelly Wares said…
Those plums look delicious!!! Great job on the jam, you sure can't beat the homemade stuff... I'm currently eating some mulberry jam that I made up last year, YUMMO!! Hope your enjoying a cool change at the moment...

Take Care
Jodie :)
Linda said…
I don't think I've tried mulberry jam but it sounds delicious.

It is cool and rainy today, amazing. And scones and plum jam sounds very tempting.

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