Agricultural Show

The Agricultural Show is coming up fast. Last night my daughter picked up a booklet which has all the things you can enter. These are photos from last year. So far very quickly we have thought to enter our nearly grown puppy into a puppy competition. The reason being is we don't think we should enter him in the other section as he is not as well behaved as an adult dog. We have done some preserving, so that is an idea, to enter the plum jam. There is a stipulation there has to be clear covers, but looking through the photos we entered one last year (I know I was worried about the covers, I must have forgotten that detail). I did think of entering roses from the other house as I think they are nice, however, I am not sure what a floribunda is, will have to do some research on that one.

My daughters are not as keen as I am about floral saucer decorating. I didn't think I had any small flowers, but I am sure there would be some at my new house. Lots of driving involved and we wanted to renovate this weekend. (Yes it is a petty thing to worry about.)

I would prefer to do not much, but it seems worth it later on. I haven't entered flowers at this particular show before, but do remember doing that with my Nana for flower shows when I was little.

We have entered dolls and sewing here before, but no fresh ideas for that. If we enter the puppy will have to go in the Grand Parade.

Last year my husband and the two girls, got a second prize for something, my husband got two.

I used to love reading books to my littlest daughter a few years ago, Farmyard Tales by Heather Amery. One particular book was about the show, I think it is The Naughty Sheep. Have a look at the illustrations, it is an English story I think. Here are some snippets of what I have written previously about the Show.

"Earlier on in the year we went to the Agricultural Show. In our hometown I hadn't attended very often. I am not sure if this was our first or second visit to this show here, but our daughter won a prize for her toy bear that miraclously appeared during our practise year Christmas. I remember the first Show included a Punch & Judy performance and I was thrilled. The Show included what was in my childhood a Red Cross flower show. The Junior part had been joined to the Agricultural Show and the senior part left as it is. Need I say more?

I was thrilled to get reacquainted with Floral Saucers, though my daughters don't share my enthusiasm. My Nana and I had a lovely time attending flower shows, until the day, well I still enjoyed them; but, Nana put rag curls in my hair and I ended up with an afro."

Today, I am getting ready and going to sign up dh's jam melon pickles and chutney for the fair/show. Also dd5 and dd11 made some pet rocks and we have a melon...

My doll's name is Suzy. She is a 60s doll and I was happy lately that our local Show or Fair had a section for exhibition only where you could display your doll."


scrappy quilter said…
Linda, I've never been to an agricultural show. They have them here in early spring and late fall. I might think about going to one now after reading your post.

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