What does "Prep Something" mean?

I often use a page on Independence Days when I am doing the Back to Basics Challenge (Back to Basics home) on my other blog. However, I always come up against understanding this section.

"Prep something. Hit a yard sale and pick up an extra blanket. Purchase some extra legumes and oatmeal. Sort out and inventory your pantry. Make a list of tools you need. Find a way to give what you don’t need to someone who does. Fix your bike. Fill that old soda bottle with water with a couple of drops of bleach in it. Plan for next year’s edible landscaping. Make back-road directions to your place and send it to family in case they ever need to come to you - or make ‘em for yourself for where you might have to go. Clean, mend, declutter, learn a new skill. Independence is being ready for whatever comes."

Hmm, lets see. I'm still not sure what it means in a rush, but it does bring to mind some things that we have been doing.

"Find a way to give what you don’t need to someone who does."

The car. On Tuesday, while my husband was away at our hometown running errands, I took our youngest who is seven to her swimming lessons. When I got home a man was waiting for me outside to speak to me. We have a car that has some problems, but basically with those few small problems fixed, like a gas (LPG) tune, a battery that type of thing. Basically some things that weren't essential to get fixed and should have. Problems with age, but not mechanical.

We like to run it on gas, but one day it stopped working. It takes awhile to get to the gas tuning place, and we tend to fix our other cars and leave that one. It is extremely economical and we have had it for years. We want to give it to our son, but not sure it is it safe enough to give to another person, you know, because modern cars are "safer".

So anyway we will see what happens when the man comes back. His daughter had a van and she was involved in an accident and she needs a car. We may have need of it ourselves to keep costs down when we move house and have to travel for work. Sometimes, we can't decide things very well. We got a newer car last year because it was more tidy.

Purchase some extra legumes and oatmeal.
This morning I went to a bit of trouble to replenish our bonito stock. What is bonito stock. Well, it is stock naturally that you use to make miso soup. You use another paste as you would tomato paste for the soup, add some particular vegetables and ten minutes later you have a nice soup. It has been awhile since we ran out but I think this is the recipe I use, at least for the vegetable ideas.

I bought mine from this shop, however, I am unsure where I bought it from originally as the docket was taken out of the window on the box.

Miso Paste, Miyagawa Market, Takayama, Honshu, Japan by Christopher Rennie


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