Robur tea anyone?

This photo is from a 1930s Leader book, called The Leader Spare Corner Book. It gives an idea about Australian's tea tastes. Although we have a couple of old books like that (see photo below), we would only use them for ideas about preserving etc. Or maybe try to find some recipe like lettuce salad.

The idea to use recipes without preservatives is excellent, but I find there are very inventive simple recipes on the Taste site. They can be preservative free, or only use stock cubes, and always seem to work. I imagine they have less fat than the traditional recipes.

However, I'll eat quite fatty things, some I enjoy more than others.

Don't you love that kettle? I imagine it was simmering away on the back of a wood stove.

The above photo is situated in North East Victoria and you can click for the photostream.

I found out to take more photos of vintage books there is a setting for text and to compensate for the angle.


Carrie said…
Hi Linda ~ Thank you for answering my question over at Little Jenny Wren's blog about greengages. I couldn't imagine what she was talking about ;) I look forward to exploring your blog!

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