Plain Aussie Fare

Tonight I am doing the cooking as hubby and second son are away. The girls will always eat mashed potato with a meat, and I found that easiest tonight. Plus I like peeling potatoes.

The way I make it is similar to this video of Paul McCartney.

I use an orange masher that we have always had (actually it is hubby's), and also have been known to prefer a fork. Tonight I mixed with the masher.

I don't mind unwashed potatoes to start with, and I buy between 3-5kg bags. However, we don't have mashed potatoes every night, which is the traditional Australian way to eat.


Lindab said…
I didn't realise mashed potatoes were so traditional in Australia. By coincidence, I'm just about to peel potatoes here!
Joyce said…
We're really into potatoes, too: mashed, baked, parboiled and then shredded to make hashbrowns, au gratin. Just about anything. I know that brown rice is a good carbohydrate, too, but we're just not as fond of rice, though rice pudding is quite delicious. :)

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