This week I seem to be writing about bugs. It started off in one of those memes where you write facts about yourself, and I wrote that I am not scared of spiders. However, if there is a white tipped spider running around the walls at 10pm, I definitely call for hubby.

Then there was the post on my other blog, a photo for the day, and I chose a Christmas beetle.

My comments to my posts where interesting: post 1, post 2.

Blogger Sandra said...

*shiver* I really really dislike bugs, it's neat up close but I'm glad I'm not the one holding it LOL

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Blogger Amanda said...

I enjoyed reading your answers and was surprised to find a lady who is not scared by spiders. Good on you!

Last Saturday we found some more baby ladybirds at our new house. My little girl had found some in the shasta daisies earlier, though I didn't get a photograph of them.

This is an orb spider curled up. I'm sorry I don't even like that photo particularly. It was interesting to me though because I have only seen them in their webs in the day time. The Canberra Zoo had an orb spider last autumn and made it into an exhibit outside.

This is a different photo of the Christmas beetle you can see his eyes.

"During Christmas I was disappointed I didn't see any Christmas beetles. Yesterday I walked to the shops with the two little girls and this was my reward. I saw three. They are all dead, which is quite often the case with Christmas beetles when you see them, and this one was undamaged.

Now I am happy."

Apparently my husband and daughter saw some under a light on their early morning walk with the dog also, before I did.

In Australia we don't call everything bugs as a group. We don't usually use minibeasts either. That is something I learnt from children's TV or something like that.

I wonder why I don't mind spiders and can have beetles on my hand?

I enjoyed looking at the creatures that came out of the firewood when I was little. They are nice minibeasts. My second enjoys looking at them too.

My Mum was always coming across worms when she dug the vegetable garden. I remember enjoying the garden one particular day because it had cape gooseberries in it. I had a friend, a boy, who I went fishing with. I originally learnt to fish by watching my Dad fish.

After that my husband used to find things in the garden for my little boys to enjoy.

Apart from that, I'll have to have a think and see what other part insects etc. played in my life. I know at school we used to like to catch grasshoppers.


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