Frizzled Out

You may remember my previous post called In a Frizzle. I thought I'd give you an update.

We didn't end up doing anything in particular, and for whatever reason had a little break, with just the family.

Now I feel fine again. I think this happens to me each Christmas. I think in Australia there are so many changes made each start of the New Year. And I guess by the end of the school holidays we have adjusted, the Christmas stress is behind us and we are ready to start a new school year.

I was interested to read a post about the Back to School flyers. I don't notice the Back to School and other flyers much. I did notice lots of cooked lunches in the Taste newsletter. Imagine a cooked lunch hanging on a hook outside in 40oC heat! I suppose there are always frozen bricks to put inside the lunch box. My little girl hangs her bag in airconditioning, so that is good.

I am having a problem with food shopping though. It is too hot to go to the regional centre. My daughter wanted to go there today. It was to be 40 something there today. In that temperature you can only walk outside for a few minutes if that, so I had to cancel. No relief from the heat on the horizon, is that a pun?

My daughter has stayed home more the last few days, but her sister has gone out instead. I have only a few more days of school holidays left, four exactly. My husband is back at work and will help buy a few grocery things. With the school holidays and the children home, there are not a lot of extra things left. I did get a nice delivery of fruit and bread this morning. We have been eating watermelon and rockmelon this morning, and my daughter got a treat of chips for helping me. It seems to be keeping them amused on this hot day. I am glad they are not at school this week. Not with one starting High School which is Year 7 here.

Our freezer constantly needs defrosting to keep cool. It is a self defrosting one, so has a fault. We drive to our hometown to get it fixed, a two hour drive. We think we should take it down when hubby has to go to the dentist. But that means two lots of expenses.

So tonight we are defrosting. We are jumbled up in that it should have been done before my 22 odd loaves of bread arrived. We keep the styrofoam boxes that our frozen Christmas hampers come in to put the food in when defrosting, that helps.

So I have gone from a frizzle to a minor jumble. However, I feel a bit better, I will retreat to my book and enjoy the cool morning while it lasts.

Bus by Cheryl Piperberg


Jelly Wares said…
I know exactly what you mean when you say it's too hot to go to town to do the shopping.... I hope you get some relief from this heat in your area soon and good luck with the freezer defrosting...

Take Care
Jodie :)
LizBeth said…
Wish you guys down under could share some of that heat. We are cold up here this morning, though it's warmer than the 7 degrees earlier this week.

I enjoyed visiting your blog last night. The picture of the acorn squash bread made me hungry. Do you have the recipe posted somewhere? We are going to have a bed of acorn squash this coming fall.

Thanks for stopping by my place. Pleased to meet you!
Linda said…
Jodie that mean a lot, thanks.

I am pleased to meet you too LizBeth. I would love to swap a bit of our air. I am hoping we both have a better week. Ours was unusual, if yours is too, I'm sorry. I couldn't even imagine what it is like.

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