Days Of Simplicity

Cooking the Christmas Pudding

Well, I haven't been doing much blogging since Wednesday night. My post about my blog was done in advance, which was nice, as I just couldn't blog. It was probably both health and being busy I think. This next little bit I wrote for the Back To Basics Challenge on my other blog, but that was as far as I got.

"I have been checking out the latest savings club catalogues with the Christmas Hamper clubs and was looking at the cutlery etc. for our second son to take to uni in 2010. At uni, cutlery goes missing sometimes, or gets taken away if you don't do your dishes in a timely manner. If you aren't there at 9am Monday to collect it, out it goes! I don't mind buying the cutlery but as you know it costs a lot. In the op-shop I found a six piece set of Wiltshire very heavy retro cutlery for $4.50! Son was pleased with it. If all else fails someone can use it for building up the muscles in their arms! Yes, it is that heavy."

I was talking of course, about my shopping trip on Wednesday. Our pay came in early and I chose to shop in a different town this time for my groceries. I took the two youngest with me.

At the op-shop we also got a simple blue or grey office chair for our middle daughter who needed one for her computer set up, she was using my phone talking chair. I also got a retro tea pot, that I have wanted since seeing some in a cubby house in a very old Our House magazine, well it was years ago when the magazine was new. We don't actually think it will be used for that now, but it is cute and small enough to even sit on one of those modern plastic toy stoves.

I got some retro yellow/orange egg cups, enough for the whole family so they match.

We bought a UPS battery online one day as we have had some short black outs lately. We live near to the power station and we get surges. Because of this we had to get those new light bulbs at quite a big investment to start with, because our globes kept blowing.

Baby ladybirds: my daughter says the baby ones live inside the starting to open shasta daisies. Today I looked and did see some very small ladybirds on the plants where she told me about this.

Planting sunflowers: hubby said he planted some colourful ones at the new house so we don't lose our lovely colours. There are no self sown ones there from last year that I know of.

Using up old downpipes. We wanted some downpipes but our shop, believe it or not didn't have any. In the meantime as it rains a lot and some is coming into the ceiling of our new house because of the large amount of rain that seems to come down in the mountains, we found some in our collection of stuff. You know, the "may come in handy sometime pile".

Last night I got around to boiling the Christmas pudding. I put the water on around 4pm. I topped up the water in the stockpot two or three times. Someone got the pudding out for me after it was boiled for two hours, but I turned it upside down onto a plate so I wouldn't cut the cloth. I also was the one to cut the strings and cut up the pudding. I poured lots of cream over each piece.


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